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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Beaudoin loyalists

Aeros Beaudoin by Trask
In case you have not read this by Uminsky who blogs on the Rampage:
"Mathieu Beaudoin, who signed on as a third line energy guy, ended up leading the team in scoring with 51 points, just one ahead of Brett MacLain. Beaudoin enjoyed a career season in San Antonio, scoring 20 goals for the first time in his career (21), but missing the playoffs stings the Rock Forest, Quebec, native.
“You don’t like this feeling. It’s a long summer when you don’t make the playoffs,” said Beaudoin. “It’s a lot easier when you’re playing, you don’t have to think about getting a contract, where you’re gonna be next year.”
Beaudoin waxed nostalgic about what could have been with this team.
Rampage Beaudoin by Jerina
“This team was the best team, even better than last year in Texas,” said Beaudoin of his Calder Cup Finals run last year with the Stars. “Unfortunately for us, good for them, we lost five or six guys who are NHL players who made a big difference in our team. Guys stepped up from the East Coast and got a chance to play, but it’s not the same. It’s tough to fill those roles when guys like (Mikkel) Boedker, (Andrew) Ebbett, even (Tim) Stapleton at the  beginning of the year. leave.”
Not to mention MacLean and Ryan Hollweg, who Rampage general manager Brad Treliving said was an emotional spark and instant hit with his Phoenix teammates and also filled that role in SA.
It would be nice to see Beaudoin back with a Bull on his chest next season."

Yes, indeed, t'would have been nice...for all of his followers!
Stars Beaudoin by Stars blog/media
San Antonio is close enough that one could hop over to take in a game or more ;-)! It was so much fun, when he was last year a Stars, and this past season a Rampage :-).
A course, it would have been only on Sundays,
when the Aeros not tie-ing up one's attention, or Opera does :-)!

Meanwhile he is driving to Phoenix to serve as a 'black ace' for the Coyotes in case a clear day roster player gets injured.

What's a Black Ace, you who are not versed in Hockey ask?
Per The Hockey Hall of Fame site:

"History Of The Black Aces
In the Old West, Wild Bill Hickok was shot while playing poker.  He was holding what became known as the "Dead Man's Hand" - two eights, the jack of diamonds, and the BLACK ACES!  If you're holding this hand, you've run out of luck.
Eddie Shore, an Honored Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, was owner of the AHL Springfield Indians.  Shore bought the Indians in 1940 after his playing days with the Boston Bruins. He started to to call the players who were working their way back into the line-up of his club, his 'Black Aces.'  These were players who were coming off of injuries or were being punished.  They had run out of luck as far as Shore was concerned.  Former Boston Bruins coach and current color commentator for Hockey Night In Canada, Don Cherry, was one of Eddie Shore's most celebrated 'Black Aces.'
From "Grapes: A Vintage View of Hockey" by Don Cherry with Stan Fischler:
"Anyone who crossed Shore became a 'Black Ace,' one of the many extras he kept on the squad - but wouldn't dress for punitive purposes.  The Black Aces had to work extra hard in practice and were always available to play should any of the regulars enrage Shore even more.  In addition to scrimmaging with the team, the Black Aces were required to do odd jobs around the arena such as painting seats, selling programs, making popcorn, and blowing up hundreds of balloons before the ice shows."
And there you have it....The origin of the Black Aces!

Vintage Hockey -  playing without helmets !

Well, I am sure, 
Beaudoin and his fellow Black Aces nowadays,  will not be required to 'paint seats,
sell programs', etc. :-)! Wishing him "ICE TIME", though!

AND the Aeros' Black Aces are:
F Buck, Brandon
F Broda, Joel
F Morency, Pascal
D Fraser, Jamie

I am not clear where these guys fit in:
F Campbell, Scott,
Caron, Josh(gone, he did not stay but a few days - did he?) 
LW Foucault, Kris,
D Lofquist, Sam?
So if any of you, chers readers, can clarify this,
I will appreciate your comments.

Also unclear if Kuemper, Darcy will join as BU Goalie,
since his team is close to ending their season?
Again, any news about him will be welcome.


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