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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The morning after - in bits and pieces...

And I had a dream..
almost like the cartoon at right :-)!  Just a dream alas!

Maybe it is the weather?
The reports about the huge flooding this time right here at home, so to speak,  in the Midwest!
 Arcimboldo: The Water
The reports about those tornado related deaths and hard to imagine damages?
The fires which turns to ashes homes and churches, farmland and forests?
Arcimboldo: The Fire
AND THE wedding is over.
In case you wondered I did NOT get up at 3 AM to witness..there's enough on the news, the papers, the internet.  Although I must admit some of those hats did catch me unawares - the less said the better!
 Mad hatters Well, was it inspired by a certain cover?...

On the opera front, I hear/read
that Winnie Mandela has become an Opera - beatifying her!
This product of Canadians, premiered in South Africa to, if we can believe the write-ups, standing ovations!
And here is another take on it!

You know something?
I do like to be entertained and distracted when attending a performance!
Not hit over the head with a sledgehammer.
Life does that too many times already!
Just read the news worldwide, natural disasters, man made disasters, political disasters, fashion disasters (lol). You name it!
 Sledgehammer days seem here to stay!

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operalover said...

Yes, performances should be entertaining.