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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Game 2 a winner in OT

Slowly filling with fans.
This was surely THE high octane game of the two.
Waves of white and waves of blue.. one side rushes, the other stops it.
And then vice versa.

Both goalies, IMO, outstanding and Allen of the Rivermen deservedly got the Number 3 star.
He stopped in any which way possible 43 of the 45 shots on goal Aeros offense peppered and badgered him with, all night long. Below some snaps of both goalies hard work!
Save after Save

Stopping the puck

SAVE again
Earl rushes with the puck, while his mates lag a bit behind and ONLY Rivermen are there when he arrives at the Riv's net! The electricity was almost palpable.
Although someone -on the way out- mentioned "Was kinda boring all that rushing from net to net and back".
Now, I found it exhilarating to see and feel that energy which seems to go with the Beards and The Play Offs Competition.
It has a real professional feel to it! Or maybe it is desperation ...:-)!
A win at all costs?

Seems like Rivermen had it in for Nr. 22, but Gillies went to bat and fisticuffs were the result.
And it was a physical game - even though ONLY one  real fight...for which the Mink got a 4 minute roughing (?) penalty - while Falk (yes, he did - fight that is -Falk) got just 2 minutes. Gillies and Oystrick sat for the whole 5 minutes.

The Rivermen came at the Aeros full of  "Sturm und Drang" and kept it going for all 3 periods and into OT, which, as is the norm, runs a full 20 minute, if needed even for another period until one team scores.
And the Aeros's Carson McMillan with the help of Palmer DID!
About halfway through OT.
His FIRST ever Play off goal and so he was suitably elated.

No that one will just have to get swept away! :-)

Aeros managed  an unassisted goal (Palmer), a PP goal (Rau., O'Sullivan, Noreau).
And of course the game winner by McMillan (with Palmer)
Rivs Peluso with Boyle got a goal first for the Rivermen - just like in Game 1.
Cracknell (Nesbitt, Pelletier) got the other PP goal of the game.
Prosser: "Wow, Hack, way did ya have ta throw that puck so high?"

Face Off specialist - among other things - Peters.

IMO the referees did a balanced job on the whole which did allow for a fast paced game.
Hackett and defense hard at work or maybe not? There is Cracknell afterall.

Wow, Allen does a Hackett 'Save by body'

Tangoing in front of Allen ;-) Peters? and His Captain!

Rivermen, IMO, made some real smooth passes and skated with determination.
Aeros, especially Ortmeyer (he is an all rounder - amazing guy),
Penner at times, Earl, Gillies, DiSalvatore and others kept pace with them.
Did not allow much wriggle room for the Rivermen, but had to work hard for it!
I believe this is the 'tripper' by Hackett on Nigro?
I could see the panting and heaving going on, during the few breaks.
Hackett got a tripping penalty that was justified, IMO.
Thought I'd caught it in a pic.. but cannot find it this morning! I think I found it - as above
Hackett saves again there and below

Flexible guy ain't he?

Peters, Noreau and Wellman on the  prowl

Rau slides himself almost into goal, as Wellman did a bit later on!
While Wellman, with a liitle help of Nr. 10 of the Rivs,
played PUCK in the Rivermen net - but such thing does not count, of course.

It was swift, this skating to and fro, Aeros checked Rivermen, Rivermen checked Aeros (perhaps with a bit more aggression-but can you blame them?). They DID put lots of pressure on the Aeros.
But the Aeros, like Energizer Bunnies, kept wrestling the puck away.
Kept the shots coming at Allen.
And kept the momentum at 100% through all three periods.
Slowing a tad in OT, so did the Rivermen but Aeros won anyway!
And a celebration breaks out!

A win is a WIN!

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ICEVET said...

Great pictures, as usual, and a great game for any fan to watch!!

Some of your goal pictures are just extraordinary...please keep them coming.