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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleaning house...

that is deleting extraneous photographs .. you would not believe how long that chore took.
10 days working off and on.
And I already sent some into the void, wherever rejects go,
before transfering the selected few (lol)  to the computer !
Sifting, sorting, enlarging, editing, trying to sharpen the fuzzies ;-(!
Next will be videos... those that show mostly ice. Or legs. Or skates;-)!

That little point 'n shoot, does respectably but it will never get those kind of exiting close ups.
But, alas, any lens longer than 4 inches is taboo at the games. Unless one has permission to shoot!
With the camera I mean!
Mine already juts out to 3 inches.
For photos of the other kinds it is more than adequate. 
So I have printed some as cards to send to relatives.
Lookee, that is beautiful New Mexico, and more

Chapel of Chimayo NM

Chautauqua-Lake View
And there is Better Half, and here Yours truly, see how we've changed
(let the giggles fall where they may).
But enough.

Last night in the mood for opera I put on a DVD of "The Maid of Orleans" by Tchaikovsky,
performed and recorded at the Bolshoi. Sung in Russian. With English subtitles.
A suitably lavish production in sets and costumes.
Sometimes the staging/directions seemed a bit stilted.
But the singing was excellent.
Especially the soprano Nina Rautio with quite a range.
Here she is with an excerpt from that DVD!
Worth seeing and hearing.

The music was lovely lush and softly romantic. 

Although I prefer other compositions by Tchaikovsky.
Such as this:

Or this:

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