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Saturday, November 3, 2012


As we listened to the voice of the Aeros last evening the news of the shocking injuries to two of the most talented youngsters left us speechless. 
Here the report and two videos-courtesy OKC Barons and Russo's rants of the two events: 
The Brodin hit caused the offending player to be thrown out of the game. 
And rightly so. 
Aeros lost by 1. After two periods of no goals, the third gave them 2 in rapid successions, but also the two injuries. 
The two teams will face off again tonight in OKC, 
with a Sunday afternoon game vs Grand Rapids (artandhockey will be there) in Houston to follow, after a 'wild' bus ride back.

And here video showing Granlunds' prowess as scorer:

On the Opera front: thanks to Monsterstorm Sandy we missed a stunning ( per reports  )  DER FREISCHUTZ by Carl Maria von Weber produced by Opera Atelier in Toronto. As usual the company went all out with lavish costumes and choreography plus sensational ( as reported) singing by flamboyant young singers and dancers.
Announcing Opera Atelier's 2011-12 Season

Of course, I exaggerate a bit here :-), because we did cancel our trip due to the NHL lock out and also so few AHL hockey games scheduled during the originally planned trip. 
BUT had we gone, we would have been on the way back from Toronto via Buffalo and the Lake Erie area which was lashed by rains and high winds. And probably cancelled flight out of Cleveland on Tuesday/Wednesday. 
 In this instance WE ARE rather grateful for the NHL lock out .... just kidding.  
Thus fate meant it not to be.

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