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Sunday, November 25, 2012

How SWEET a victory at home tastes...

YES indeed,
the Aeros achieved a win in OT  3-2 - AT HOME - against a formidable opponent, the Abbortsford Heat (thankfully sans Krys Kolanos and Barry Brust).
Not that Danny Taylor was a slouch in the net for the Heat!

Jason ZUCKER (he's just such a sugar :-)  on the ice, he is) with the help of blond locked Larsson,  scored the winning goal 5, yes, just Five, seconds into OT.
How sweet :-) THAT was for fans.

OK gang, this was a fun to watch game.

When I consider that the HEAT played their third game in a row, they played well, fast and aggressively,
especially Piskula who scored the evener goal in the Third, sailing the puck right over a prone Hackett, who was literally helpless before him!

Other wise Hackett had a good night, he stopped all but those 2 the Heat threw at him.
Fontaine Goal
Fontaine with Cuma and Phillips scored in the 1.

Piskula Goal
Followed soon by Heat's Olson goal.

McIntyre with Palmieri and Fontaine made it 2 Aeros in the second, and fans were getting ready to celebrate when the 

Pesky Piskula scored goal 2 for Heat...............................................

Of course,  tempers flared at times,  and later when it happened that someone interfered with Hackett, Bagnall took it upon himself to discipline, without a major fight, the Heat who interfered with Hackett...............
see photos.

Sadly, Palmer could not score when Taylor was out of crease with ..the net wide open like the photo at right shows :-)
- that will surely give him some nightmares to come.

Equally sadly Bulmer had to be escorted off the ice..

And at another time the two team captains conferred with the referees about an Aeros goal, which wasn't

 while Chilly sits waiting!

But all went well in the end with players celebrating en  masse,
and Hackett jumping on top (for a change) of the pile of happy players!

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