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Monday, November 5, 2012

The dawn of the Age of Half Time Employment

IF one believes what one reads in the media .
And why wouldn't one.
One IS assumed to believe all that vitriolic drivel being aired right now.
Or even more inanities.
So here it goes.
You may want to believe or not, that IS your privilege.

 Per the referenced article: Companies are planning to cut back on full time employees, offering instead to rely on workers working 30 hours or less per week. And why is that? Because under the Affordable Care Act they will get penalized for a) not offering all 30 hours plus employees health insurance, and b) if the coverage offered is deemed by the government to be insufficient.
These fees will range from just 2.000 $ in the case of a) to  3.000 $ in case b).
But who knows where they'll end up, when government realizes these fees (not taxes, mind you) are not enough to cover the ensuing government subsidies to people.
But will employers hire more part timers to fill the void? If so, the government then can proudly point to an increase in employment rates! Hmmm;-)??

But you, chers readers, ask, will the income be sufficient for these part timers to a) make payments for housing, food and other items, such as cars/gasoline to get to that part time work place and parking at their part time work place? And what about needing to buy their own health insurance? 
Because if they do not, they also will be charged a fee- no, it's not a tax, right ;-), for not doing so, if one reads the regulations correctly. And if they can't do so, the government will have to increase spending tax money in subsidies (and where will all that $ come from,you ask, and rightly so?) to make up for deficient incomes of the part time employed persons.
Ah, but to cover that, the government will have to hire (one assumes full time and so fully insured) workers to administer this huge load of new responsibilities! Thus even MORE jobs created, eh! For which one's tax dollars will pay union rates, naturally! And perhaps, even a new department of  'health and wealth dissimination' will have to be invented to oversee this sea of workers, no?

But then one can guess (a satirical guess at that so chuckle please) by that time the government will have put in place enough rules to regulate what, when, where,  and how much to eat, drink, and wear, and drive, and whatever has to be done,  to insure all a really healthy life style!
And bio-engineering the healthiest foods and drink with the most stringent rules to live by - oh, wait that is NOT green enough for many. So one may have to rely on naturally-organically grown foods, which, alas, may simply not be enough to feed all those part timer workers IF they could even afford to buy it!

Ah yes, from cradle to grave one will be oh, so, healthy. Even if one does not live for ever or will that be, too, regulated?  Forget about possible genetically inherited diseases. With enough time passed under these 'most stringent' rules there won't be any such diseases, because 'survival of the fittest' will ensue once again!   Darwin  wins again.


Blackswan said...

Satire aside, your comments presage what might happen when the concepts of economic freedom, self-discipline and accountability are no longer deemed to be important to our citizens...which is now happening.

As this (call it the ultimate "virus") progresses, it is only a matter of time before the GIFT given to us by our Nation's FOUNDERS is destroyed along with all of the economic, cultural, and intellectual wealth which has been created over the past 200 years.

Consider Obamacare "the worm" that will accelerate the decline and fall of our nation.

Enjoy the happy days which remain.

Anonymous said...

I like to say this is nice... the post for sure, the contents of it much less so and the comment seems to agree.