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Sunday, November 18, 2012

OH! Bellissimo Bellini!

So it was on this Sunday afternoon that Better Half and I went to hear and see Bellini's Version of Romeo and Juliette.
And I must admit I, for one, really prefer it over that other Romeo et Juliette en Francais. 

Actually it is called I Capuleti e I Montecchi and sung, of course in Italian which sounds so much more dramatic, less romantic, yes, but.. I also felt Bellini's  Romeo and Juliette were a bit older and thus more dramatic. After all he made Romeo the war leader of his clan... so Romeo must be older, no? Guilietta also seemed more mature, acknowledging the dilemma she is in, torn between her lover and her love and duty to her family. Although the end is the same. Both die!

And sung superbly by wide- range Mezzosoprano Brandy Lynn Hawkins,
very creditable in this trouser role. She overwhelmed with her powerful voice.
Julia Ebner (well selected not only by name LOL) sang Giulietta with beautiful phrasing as well. The audience showed its appreciation for  both singers with accolades of applause. These two voice blended admirably and stunningly.
Of the male roles, Tenor Zachary Averyt as Teobaldo used his strong tenor brightly,
and newcomer to OH! Justin Hopkins Bass-Baritone, made the role of Lorenzo his very own to great applause. Daymon Passmore, Bass, an OH! regular although youthful looking sang and was suitably grave as Capellio, Giulietta's Father.

Since this WAS (big sigh) the last performance I shall not go into too many details.
Let me just say this: in my humble opinion the orchestra and Maestro Carreon Robledo performed awesomely (and I usually dislike using this word). The overture was superbly played and set the tone for the rest...

The clarinets. especially, the other wind instruments, the brasses, and the strings all produced a  sound that pleased hugely. Had Bellini listened in, he surely would have agreed!
Yes, awesomely is so right!

Without a doubt the best production by OH! we have experienced.
And of a rarely performed opera as well.

So happy to have OH! perform unusual, stunningly cast, operas that please, above and beyond the 'run-of-the mill' sorts.
Keep it up OH!
Just - maybe you could put on 2 Sunday afternoon shows ;-)!
So much more enjoyable to drive over to the Heights when traffic, and time of day,  are lighter!
One can appreciate all much better after a relaxed drive  ;-)!

There are more operas out there to be savored than La Boheme, Mme Butterfly, Tosca, Rossini's.
Dare to be different OH! - put similar exciting and/or rare operas on your season progams in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, that was a wonderful and stirring production. Opera in the Heights is getting better and better!