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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Do not count out the Aeros

After the loss to OKC and of Brodin and Granlund, the team rallied and came back with 3 goal in the third in short succession, driving the game into OT and SO. Hackett in goal. The scorers were (seems a bit repetitious, doesn't it but we'll take it fans, right?):
Doffing helmet to you Aeros :-)!
McIntyre with Fontaine, Kampfer; Genoway with Phillips, Fontaine (on PP); Broda and Phillips. And Phillips (Nr. 1 *) won the team the 4-3 win over OKC .. feels good- like a bit of revenge over the team that sidelined the 2 up and coming Euro Talents the night before.  :-)!
Hackett stops the SO's by OKC's most talented scorers with 27 in regulation and OT and 4 in SO.

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