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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rau Wows

with the only goal against a very potent and seemingly aggressive Grand Rapids Griffins Team.
Rau is Happy

The first period started rather well, neither team scored against Hackett for Aeros and Petr Mrazek (what a nice Czech- name that is) for Griffins.
Second period, it seemed to me that the Aeros were a bit sluggish, and after the Goal by Ferraro  (not to be confused with Andrew Ferraro of Third Intermission), Landon his first name, they seemed more hesitant and discombobulated. And the passing appeared less decisive.

an epic Hackett stop - series of pics Nr.1

Nr. 2

Nr 3. Saved!
Coach must have done 'some' talking, because the guys came out in the third which is when Rau put the puck into the net with the help of McMillan and Genoway, to even the score.

And there it stayed through OT to the conclusion of a Shoot Out which Hackett, this evening alas, did not win.
Phillips, Coyle, Fontaine and Zucker  tied but Mrazek stopped them cold-or the crossbars did, when they didn't just miss the target at all... tired I guess! The guys were just tired!

While Griffins Smith and Pare scored, although Jurco, Nyquist and Tatar did not.
In the midst of a fray a helmet less  Baldwin prominent

The end result was Griffins 2 Aeros 1,  but at least the Aeros did get to take - or should that be stay - home with one point!
As can be seen by the number of SOGS by both teams (32 for Griffins and 31 for Aeros they were quite well matched.
Neither team could take advantage of the power plays (5 for Aeros one of which took place in last minutes of OT, and 3 for Griffins).
How NOT to score :-)!

McMillan just before Rau scores goal

Rau and Hackett Nrs. 3* and 2*
while Smith of Grand Rapids was Nr. 1 *.

Now it seemed to me that the absence of Granlund was noticeable.
He has been, IMO, the cement that knitted together the team's game plan.. being at the right spot at the right time to pass and/or 'steal' the puck, frequently seeing where the mate is to pass the puck to,  and so on.
Having been injured on Friday, he may be out some time. So IF the NHL resumes playing in December as might-just might, be the case, we can surely say 'Good By' to Granlund, and Minnesota can say"Welcome" to him.

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