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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank Goodness the innundation with vitriol is over.

Or is it? I guess one needs to hedge one's celebrations.
Judging from the comments abloom on various media and others sites,

Guessing 'who will be bashing whom' will be the newest game on line to be sure :-)

For me, chers readers it IS back to normal,
complaining about poor and tasteless productions on stage such as Bietos' at right? ;-).
Oh, YOU do like this? If YOU do - I apologize,
no wait, I will not apologize for YOUR bad taste.

Or maybe express dissatisfaction with "the stock market" that plunged after the recent election results. Hey, some of our income is from there! so now what?
Or I will grumble about the goals MY team did not get. Or about the 'blindness' of some referees...and I do not mean color blindness.

Maybe skeletal looks are "beautiful"? Or that luscious curvy sizes are being dissed,
 all in the name of health .  Surprise, some of the comments there actually approve of larger sized women. Evolution or just contrariness?
And the list could go on, but I shall spare you mine.
Am sure you must have your own list of 'stuff that bugs you'!
How about posting some for others to 'enjoy' or 'lament'?


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What is it anon.. do you approve or not. I am not clear about this.