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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween - to scare or not to scare?

Now I really don't scare easily.
But seeing what merchants want YOU buying for your pets IS scary.
Poor doggies or kitties.
Being squeezed into costumes just for fun - for the human!
And the choices are many.

Politically Apropos ;-)?
The devil made me do it!

For hockey fans may I suggest some of these:
Want to impress the 'Jones'? Buy at speciality stores for beaucoup $.

Or go to .99 c stores and get same thing at much less-who will know, except, of course your creditcard company :;).
San Jose Sharks Fan?

Temporarily (??) defunct Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees

And of course, do not forget to be creative and think up - and buy - a costume for your self, that really, really shows how you feel about yourself, or rather see yourself when you gaze in the mirror after a sleepless,  or sleep filled night. One may cause great satisfaction with fulfilled dreams,
the other signs of dreadful nightmares.

Whichever way you lean, it will be a funny way.
To others, if not to you :-).

Batik Dyed Pink Hippy
So, here are several ideas that came to mind while musing in the spirit of Halloween:
Like "Dwelling in Nostalgia"- go PINK in bell bottoms and platinum blond wig -a great way to cover up grey hair ;-)!

The Fork and Knife Set

No Comment, necessary

Then at left we have the perfect one for a gourmet couple.

Followed by, IMO apropos in these time, right costume  ;-)!.

BIG Dark Force
Harlequin Death
But you want to really scare,
 then here are two that would,

and keep you anonymous, which so many of chers readers are :-.

The Legs have it-crow about it!

Now some want to show off perfect legs maybe?  Look to crow about them? :-)

For other attributes I leave it up to the owners' imagination - not wanting to post anything -ahem- controversial!!

Team Corona Look
And then there are some who feel more
comfortable by not sticking out. Those can go as this group ;-):

A Happy Frightfully Funny Halloween to You!
BOO to all!

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Anonymous said...

That is funny.
Happy Halloween to you, artandhockey!