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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hockey Apologia, and Redemption

Just listening to the web cast last night I was struck, kinda,  after all the announcers are ours, by several excuses made for another non-win performance.

1) They had to fly and bus to the game which tired them - yes?
     Did they all fly coach? And used  school busses with narrow benchseats?
     Now I do have a solution for that:
     Let's say all team members 6'2 and over fly first class so's they can stretch out more;
     those 6'2 to 5'11 fly business class which also gives more leg room,
     and all the shorties below that will be the ones stuck in coach!

2) The other team was very aggressive even more so than the Marlies and Monsters- duh?
    So why did they not turn 6 (yes 6) power play opportunities into goals?
    Of course Palmieri who, IMO, does skate rather aggressively, most times,
    did get the one goal on a PP. But why not the others?

3) Could it be that they were so blinded by that dazzling zigzag of flaring colors of Los IceHogs Sombrero-hatted jerseys?  That must be it, mustn't it?

Because they did win over the Rampage just the other day - and that in a morning game !!
Of course they ONLY had a 3 hours bus ride to suffer for that!

True,  the team is diminished by early injuries to several skilled players,  akin to what their 'parent team' - lol - in Minnesota suffered last season. Hmm, could it be that a Minnesota jinx, now that the Wild are sidelined due to the NHL lockout, travelled South  ;-D?

Although to date they are tied with 6 W and 9L(1OTL and 2SOL).. so not too bad.
Even if the L seem all at home in front of, maybe not much longer, indulgent fans?
Although even there they are even: 3 wins at home, 3 wins away. 4 losses at home( 1 SO, 1 OT) and 4 losses away (1(SOL).
So we ought not complain too much, eh?

 A quick check on the minor league affiliate, the Orlando Solarbears'  record to date shows 6 Wins and 8 Losses (of those were 3 OTL and SOL). Jinx travelling not only south but east as well?

It is hoped - fervently   I am sure by - that they next game vs the Icehogs (back to their regular but still bright jerseys -lol- AT MINNESOTA will be a better game. Might the presence of the WILD big shots and avid NHL hockey deprived fans, help?
Time will tell. 
Follow up to follow :-)!
Maybe the fans will be all smiles next time!
With a little help gangnam style?

And so they did: Today!
REDEMPTION at Excell Arena in front of WILD Fans , and it is presumed Wild Owner and Coaches.Aeros 3 Rockford 2 in Minnesota! Gaols by Fontaine (Foucault,Genoway PP) Larrson (Zucker, Coyle) and Larsson (A shorthanded goal! I believe the first this season and
HIS, too.


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