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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

There are always two sides...

in the news lately and I don't mean politics or whatever is grabbing the headlines these days.
Mostly NOTHING good.
But I digress.

What caught my eyes (and some eyeful (s) that was:-), really, was this and then also this. 
 So over there in Vienna,  an exhibition stressing the beauty of the male nude represented in all arts over centuries catches the attention.  And complaints.
So they cover certain parts, as once the Victorians did :-) when limbs were legs :-)!
History repeats itself once again.
While over here,.. ah well, you can read for yourselves.
I may just point out that over there all is more or less beauty in artifice on canvas, photos, stone, etc.
while over here all is 'natural' and sometimes no beauty at all :-).Ah, well chacun a son gout!
Hackett: I can't believe what I see! teehee- lol!


Anonymous said...

You mean figleaves in strategic places? Send this info ASAP to Agent Shirtless in the Petraeus Affair. He may come to understand the importance of covering his nipples.

artandhockey said...

Yes... and to cover 'the limbs' in Victorian times.. that fringy velvet scarf that dusted the floors around the table/piano :-)!