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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good-Bad-Sad News

When I read "Kuemper assigned to Orlando" I was about to yell huzzah, we'll see him in the net when we get there for that game on the schedule, soon. Then I read "Briefly" and was deflated. Maybe they'll shuttle him back and forth? Especially since he was in net for the Bears last night and they lost!
That could be seen as bad or good news!

GOOD for sure: Aeros won again at an away game at ATT, which was attended by many die-hard fans.

SAD: Actor, 'bad boy JR Ewing', Larry Hagman dies at 81. After suffering from cancer.

BAD news number One - for hockey fans, that is ;-)
The All start NHL game cancelled, and more game NOT being played through December 12th, so now we will get reimbursed for the two Panther's game which were also on the schedule. One of which we'll replace by seeing a second Everblades game with lots less driving over to Ft. Lauderdale. Which also leaves us more time to visit winery, museum and the Ringling Brothers compound  for a day of Circus plus art in Sarasota.
See, NHL people on  both side of the discussions: we do not need you. There is much more out there then hockey to entertain us. BTW we do plan so see Lincoln, the movie (good reviews so far) too and the Met's Simulcasts on Saturday, which are shown USA - and Worldwide for less.

BAD news Number Two - for Opera lovers:
It is certain, that the OH! will no more perform unusual and rare operatic jewels, because the "fans" only want warhorses.
Bad and Sad!
But the majority has spoken with the pocket book by NOT buying tickets,
and the board is reining in Maestro's innovative plan to showcase rare but beautiful OTHER pieces. 
And no, he did NOT plan to show modern stuff, not even real updated (speak weird regie) stuff. JUST rare pieces by well known composers, like Rossini, Bellini... etc.

So here we go again, Bohemes, Butterflys, Toscas (maybe), Barbers, and such TO THE NTH DEGREE! Operas seen on stages everywhere already! Many such dull, static, dusty and stagnant productions let people tune out in happy anaesthesia.
And that really sucks in my honest opinion.

I do enjoy the warhorses,  just not quite as often, when there are other pieces to be discovered under  a baton of a talented conductor, inspired direction even IN classic style, and youthful eager singers (albeit not yet *Stars*) plus an orchestra of enthusiastically performing musicians (after all those warhorses are becoming routine and perhaps boring?).


For heavens sake why NOT showcase some lesser known ones with eager beaver singers who'd sing for lots less just to have done it!

IMO, The OH! had a real chance to occupy a rare niche in the opera world, where fans could come and experience young singers giving their all to perform in these unsung (pun intended) gems.
And sure, it takes more than a year or two to establish such a program.
Look how long it took to re-acquaint the world with Handel and other Baroque composers! And now they are performed everywhere.

But no, back to the old bores..just because "fans" did not want it.  
Admittedly THEY do pay the piper!

NHL listen up! 
That should be a wake up call for you, too.

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