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Sunday, December 9, 2012

There was NO fog in Amway Arena

when the Ft. Wayne Komets won in a Shootout over the Orlando Solar Bears on Friday.

Despite Kuemper in GREEN Aeros pants and mask in goal.

Not having  programs available, here's the list of Bears Players none was posted for the Komets

The First Period seemed endless... Bears totally distraught? WHY? No idea.
 Komets could have scored goal after goal if it had not been for Kuemps!

The second and third periods went a bit better.
Bears DID get their lead out and shots on goal increased.

But, IMO, the 'Reiter of the Komets' in their net just sat solidly in the saddle (lol) Reiter=Rider). Plus that team seemed a bit better organized in  passing and fore checking.

Baldwin (23) and Klotz (Klotz in German means millstone or drag) LOL- had rather big set to..to the tune of 5 minutes penalties. With Klotz the upper hand for sure!
But that was not the only fight.
Several broke out, were broken up to the boos of the over 6.5oo fans in attendance and the game went on to its sad (for the Bears) conclusion of a SO Loss.
Kuemps at chat with Medved about?
Twice glass had to be repaired .. so while that was going on Kuemps and Medved had a chat. 
Well, maybe Kuemps was telling Medved to play better!
Because, indeed, neither Medved not Lorenz - both taunted Wild prospects - showed up favorably?
I might say the whole team did not show up well on Friday ...
badly coached? Bad Ice Day? Bad attitude?
Somehow, the impression - I got - was of a rather pathetic team who just could not get it together.

Despite that... Kuemps smiles sunnily...
                   on Friday!

                                         while a Komet  Player seems to shade his eyes from it ;-)
The two teams continued to do battle on Saturday night (Komets (Effinger in goal) win in Regulation 3-0 in a Shut Out vs Kuemper with Bears continuing inefficient playing! ) and Sunday afternoon!

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