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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's go to the races..

I know about dog races, horse races!
But PIG races?
Well, why not...
Florida surprises us continuously.
The light is so darn bright colors hurt eyes, and look washed out in photos. Even the best editing can't really do them justice, but judge for yourself.
A few memorable ones from Miami's Little Havana:
Roosters dead and alive
Gomez Domino park with visitor
Lauderdale Beach Life guard station

Ft Lauderdale Beach and water ways:

Spielberg's Yacht -full permanent crew of 23 keeps it shipshape for charters

And from the keys:
BTW it WAS an Eagle on the Bat Tower-above
Grooming on water's edge

more Key scenes:
Atlantic View... no natural sand beach at this spot

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