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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liitle Havana full of chickens and one proud rooster

Yes, well, that was the case this morning.
Live chicks and a rooster the avenida, and sculpture roosters strutting their stuff on street corners.
Cigar store Indians and real hand rolled cigars..
now if one loves them a $35.00 one is certainly worth it -  or is it?
Murals and other fun stuff on walls.

Then taking time out to watch domino players en masse, before heading to Versailles for lunch.
The Versailles Cafe and Bakery that is, on SW8th at 35th Avenue. Where knowing Spanish is a must, the menu is printed strictly in that language and most of the waitstaff seems unable or unwilling to understand English and the diners all seem Cubanos y Cubanas, y chicos.
I healthy menu it is most certainly not.

All is fried or cooked in fatty sauces, which naturally really are tasty.
Rice and black beans abound. Plantains, rolled in honey and fried, THE accompaniment for just about every dish. And 'la lengua asada ' was very tasty indeed , even if the lengua's a bit fatty but was ah, so tender.
And the portions. Each dish feeds two, easily.
Or one could make it a take out for a second meal IF one were not a tourist staying in a hotelroom without a kitchen. Which we are. So lots went back uneaten.

After that huge meal we decided to head for Miami Beach and its Art Deco districtMiami Beach, Art Deco district and the Wolfsonian museum. also dedicated to modern and Deco art.
Which only opens on Sunday at noon.

Well, it seemed like a good idea to spend the rest of the afternoon that way. Culture vulture that I am.
Except, driving over the  McArthur causeway was more like inching and the vaunted Art deco area chock full of cars, pedestrians, Sedgways (?) riders and bicyclists.
After being cut off by some crazy oldster (and youngsters) in cars with Northern plates (they must have been blind to left turn lane arrows) we decided no more. And u-turned back onto McArthur to head north to Ft. Lauderdale so we would Not miss the Panthers and Ducks game starting at 6 PM.

But the VIEW from the causeway in both directions WAS breathtaking.. all those yachts and mansions lining the water edge-just like in CIS Miami.. lol. Just kept us looking for actors of that series toiling in their careers as Crime Scene Investigators....tee hee.
Instead we saw lots - poured into the tightest tees and shortest pants - persons ambling about in this balmy 80's plus degree sunny afternoon.
Ocean Yachts is dedicated
But the yachts.. omg those yachts, a veritable ocean of yachts :-)!!
Now to the game.

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