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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just the facts ....TWO

Jon DiSalvatore, previously,  with a goal at the TC!
Aeros win over Griffins 5-4 with an almost out-of-the-blue last second goal by Di Salvatore (Bagnall), which THE VOICE literally screamed himself hoarse over. 
Darcy K in goal stopped 30 of 34. Tom McCollum 17 of 22.
Now the Aeros seemed a bit challenged in shots on goals at this game - only
8 and 8 and 6 (of which 3 found the net!!!).
And it sure looked like the whole team stepped up to score .. goal by Scandella-Fontaine in the 1. a solo performance by Ortmeyer in the 2. and the other 3 in the third by Foucault (Ortmeyer, Cuma), McIntyre (Fontaine) and the vaunted winner by The Captain Di Sal. with Bagnall. I'm sure the Griffins didn't grasp what hit them.
The-Third-Period Aeros in good mettle... and on to the next enemy they go now.
The Aeros fans' "Sweethearts" to play Valentine's Day at Milwaukee!
Then on to a back-to-back bout with the Heat ( Feb 17/18).
And more on the road games, back at TC on March 10 vs. the Griffins once again!

And we hear Brad Staubitz Brad Staubitzhas cleared waivers and will be on hand WITH the Aeros for the Valentine's Day Game (which - it is hoped - will NOT be a massacre by the Ads).

Yours truly is winging to Florida for a couple games by the Panthers (vs. The Ducks on 19, and the Habs on 26). The starter team in the beginning of 2011/12 season in the video:
In  between the two games we'll be lolling in Hemingway land by way of Flagler route (lol) - see a previous post on Henry Flagler who wanted to build a railroad to Key West only to be bested by the Hurricane of 1935!

R.I. P. Whitney Houston, the big voiced pop diva has died.
Even though I love opera, I must admit I did enjoy her singing.
What a huge gorgeous talent. 

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