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Monday, February 13, 2012

A voice - what a voice

Yesterday,  finally, I was able to see and hear LA TRAVIATA.
And was moved to tears at times by the stupendous voice of Albina Shagimuratova  (HGO Studio alumna). While her histrionic talents were not overly in evidence, her voice WAS, and HOW!
What can one say more. Opera is all about VOICE in my opinion, and she did it!
The (second, actually) Einspringer - a last minute call up - of Chad Shelton (ex Studio as well) for Alfredo - I personally was rather pleased with his singing.
And Giovanni Meoni as Germont acquitted himself rather well to great applause.
Several other roles were taken and done well by current opera studio singers.
Maestro Summers and the HGO orchestra did a stunning job.
Alas, no more performances.

All that's left for me to write is:
I really teared up at times.
Which I have never done before.
And I have seen La Traviata several times.. traditional, modern, Eurotrashy... you name it! With famous singers, to boot!

This one was a touching portrayal by a great voice.
A touching interpretation by the director-a mystical one, IMO.
And the lightning was superb too!
Setting the various moods so well.

Here is a clip of Shagimuratova but with a different Alfredo (originally scheduled Lomeli, then replaced by Hymel and finally by Shelton).
Giovanni Meoni as Germont pere with Albina Shagimuratova.
Chad Shelton as Alfredo

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