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Friday, February 24, 2012

Another day in Paradise

Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort
pool at Windward Point-Hyatt
so the KW Chamber of Commerce will have us believe. If Paradise for you means ocean, sand, beach, pool, sun, patio, thatched bar, iced drinks, party hearty (the famous bar where Happy Hour starts at 7 AM is right here in KW), water ski, parasailing, yachting (chartered or own) fishing, and shopping, ....
Hyatt Beach House Key West
the other resort by Hyatt
then, chers readers, Key West is THE place for you!

If not, do not come down here!
And that goes for all the Keys.

Now you'll notice I did not say just Florida.
Because further up the peninsula there are diverse attractions for the visitor bored by sand, sea, etc.
Oh yes, there is  NHL hockey: Tampa and Sunrise. And Estero (Echl)
There are operas given in: Sarasota, Miami, Naples, Tampa. And other travelled to venues.
There are art museums... plenty to keep even the most discerning artlover happy.
Fort Lauderdale's Spectacular
shops in ft. Lauderdale
And for sure there is shopping, not only for beach wear and souvenirs.
Yes, those , too, but you'll find Prada, Hermes etc, so necessary for the happiness of the yachting class and second or nth # home owners, the 1 %ers still in the USA!... lol.
But don't just take my word for it.
Come on over or down...and see for yourselves.

After a spin through the volunteer staffed and created Botanical Gardens on Stock Island, right across the street from the gaol of Florida, (no the volunteers are not inmates)  :-), and a last visit to the Martello Towers we shall be heading back up on US1 to Sunrise for one more hockey night with the Panthers,
who have been rather unlucky lately. County Arena and National
Just yesterday they lost to the WILD/Aeros in a SO, providing us with quite an interesting view of Wild/Aeros via TV at the resort. Plus several other games on nbssports.Which was a good way to spend several nights here, since we are no bar hoppers anymore.

Wild 3, Panthers 2, SO
nhl photo: Wild 3 Panthers 2 in SO

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