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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Birthday Goal for McIntyre

A ballet by Hackett
McIntyre, in honor of his Birthday - no doubt, scored the First goal vs. the Monsters, almost single handedly..Broda's assist was added a bit later.
Then the Monstrous (8 over 6.3 ft tall guys) Monsters scored in rapid succession - three in the 1. 1 in the 2... while peppering Hackett with18 SoGs. But our 'third period' Aeros came bouncing back a bit with a PP goal by Genoway with Fontaine, Stretch at almost last minutes of the 2. And in the 3. two more goals by Taffe (maybe his dry spell is over now?), Reed (an other newcomer-for the 2nd time, methinks) and Rau, and Foucault with Stretch (he seems to work out rather well!) and Radja.
Mcintyre on defense
Coleman saves
Coleman a monster goalie at 6.5 and 215 pds and
Hacket at 6.2 but much thinner at 176 pds, seemed about equal in talent.
On Hackett 4 of 25. In the SO he stopped  all 4.
Aggression by Genoway
Fontaine Nr. 1 Star
On Coleman 4 of 34.  Coleman stopped 3 in SO but let in 2 by Fontaine and Stretch (again -he is 'stretching' towards a permanent position for the rest of the season, maybe?).
Something struck me tonight: 
most of the guys scoring points were under 6Ft... Rau, Fontaine, Genoway, Stretch for the Aeros and Mauldin, Mercier and Strong for the Monsters.
Mauldin tries again!
Force Foucault ;-)!
In the end after 4-4 in regulation - one was pushed in by Hackett-really! No goals in Ot and Aeros 'shot out' the Lake Erie Monster, to add points.

Wellman had an assist with the Whale!
And the Wild lost to Dallas in a Shoot out.. alas.


ICEVET said...

It was great to see over 13,000 fans at the game (record crowd for Toyota Center hockey), which gave the Aeros the ENERGY to win.....

"The extra man on ice".

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

And LOUD! Next time I'll bring earplugs!