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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once again ...

I saw "The Rape of Lucretia"!
Could it have been done any better I cannot fathom that ?
It was as stunning, if not more so, than earlier.
See blog on it of 2/2/12 below.
But you HAVE to go yourselves!
Music truly sublime and the message touchingly thought provoking.
And somehow so apropos in this time!
A rather elite kinda selection of words in the libretto did NOT detract from it at all. Especially as sung and enunciated so beautifully by the cast!
Yes, it is sung in English!!
But I have been to several sung in English and felt they were sung in some unidentifiable language ;-)!
So this was a real Ohrenschmaus of music and words! 
A snippet from the opera.... for your listening pleasure!

And a few others by Britten:

And once again an "at home loss" with  Milwaukee  2 and Aeros 1...
While a respectable crowd attended this High Noon game-it was not comparable to last night's huge one as above!

So I wasn't there, wasn't even listening to The Voice of the Aeros...
but just looking at the AHL site for game information after returning culturally satisfied and happy (lol) from HGO - I saw the sad results.
A little memento from an happier time :-)!
Hackett in goal again?
It does seem inconceivable to this hockey fan, albeit not an expert, that Torchetti went with Hackett after a fairly rough night and only a short respite...not much rest (maybe too much celebrating the 2. at home win as well?...just kidding).
From last night- A Hockey Stand Off  between Coleman and Almond ?  :-)!
Why in the world NOT start Kuemper?
Unless .. the powers up North 'suggested' play Hackett, play Hackett!

As I said before I am no expert - just surmising!
But perhaps with some grounds for it.. vide 'Dimples' and Hackett last season! 
Seems this was  similar to the thing with Endras..he, too, sat in favor of Hackett. And getting bored and frustrated it appears he requested a transfer where he could more play time, methinks.
Anyway, Kuemper may sit and rust, and be frustrated- as he was used to playing a lot in the minors!
Hackett will play, and perhaps frustrate too many loyal Aeros fans.
All I can say is: "GO AEROS ...get some wins away from home"!


ICEVET said...

Regarding the Hackett situation, it is clear that Politics trumps Performance.

Irrespective of how Hackett may perform during the remainder of this season, he will continue to get the starting nod (whenever possible and whenever he chooses to deny Kuemper the opportunity).

This comes from the TOP (the WILD) supported by Bob Mason, their goalie coach and, of course, Mike Yeo, who was faced with the SAME ultimatum during the 2010-11 season, and now needs Hackett to be ready to step into the BUG position for the
WILD in the 2012-3 season, following a likely Harding-trade (free agent) or release.

Hackett's spectacular performance against the Flyers (home) and Sharks (road) during early December has cemented this likely path of succession.

As a fan, I have great sympathy for Darcy Kuemper, who has to sit and rust, but, then, he will hopefully get his opportunity to be the #1 Aeros goalie, next season.

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

A logical conclusion given what is happening up North!