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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating a Birthday

Yes, this 2011/12 season is the 7th Birthday of the AHL Shootout.
Happy 7th Birthday, SO

In the 2004-05 season the shootout to settle ties in regulation games was re-instituted by the AHL And the NHL followed suit in 2005-06.
That is after a game stays tied at Overtime end of 5 minutes.
Three shooters are nominated by the each team. The starter can be from the home team or the visitor. And the SO begins after a two minute intermission and the ice has been cleared to provide a clean fresh surface down the middle.
Scoring no goal, teams continue in a "sudden death" mode.
Both teams have an equal number of shots.
The winning team receives 2 points for a regulation Win, 0 for a Loss
and 1 point for a loss in PT or SO. OtL or SoL.  1 SO point is added to the winner's seasonal stats - independently of the number of goals scored by the team in the SO.

Doesn't that remind you, chers readers, of a certain team  - LOL?

Points are not counted for the individual players stats, be they skaters or goalies and does not influence plus/minus in game stats.
Interestingly, a tied 0-0 game at the end of OT gives both goaltenders a shutout credit.
Individual SO stats are officially calculated separately.
A cool SO goal on 2/11/12

However in  Stanley Cup playoff games, the format remains unchanged. Overtime is the full 20 minute period as often as needed to break the tie, and a Shootout is not used.

And the Aeros play Milwaukee tonight!
A must listen and/or watch!
Just a new slant or is it?

Without Fontaine who was suspended for 2 games.
For more on that read Russo's Rants IF you are really that interested.
Personally, I am royally fed up with the scurrilous misuse of proper words...
go google THAT wind instrument
spelled with either 1 -more often, or 2 Gs) for more information.

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