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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stormy Weather

you can say THAT again. T
Flying this morning to Florida was an -adventure.
Driving soggy roads to airport (and we did not have to use a boat to get to the plane,.
Which was 2 hours late starting from San Antonio.
And then a wild ride....roller coaster style for us.
Arrived all shook up, but safely. lol

While the Wild loose on the road. Their roster is full of Aeros.
The Aeros loose as well. And their roster full of ECHL'lers :-)
Since lots of Aeros players are up, either injured or suspended the Aeros have become a real hot spot for players from the ECHL ....
C. J.Stretch to be back.. and who knows who else will start wearing the Green and Grey.

In other news for followers of Locke and Beaudoin, Dimples and O Sullivan who BTW skates for Portland Pirates as well as Beaudoin....hmm. Interesting.

Locke got the first goal for Binghamton in today's game.
Neither Beaudoin (back from injuriess just a few weeks ago) nor Sullivan scored
Khudobin's loss was Legacy (yes the Man'ino', that veteran of veteran goaltenders) gain.

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