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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bats or Eagles

Sugarloaf Key Bat Tower
Wikipedia -photo
 that was the question, when viewing after a difficult search, the Perkins Bat tower on Sugarloaf Key.. asking a native for directions is a must!
We think it was an Eagle, that shadowy big bird perched in the nest way up there. (not seen in pic).
But it sure looks a lot more decrepit now, I urge you to go see it before its too late ;-).
Later the drive slowed to a mile a minute crawl. Unable to see past the truck just in front, we speculated.. accident, highway flooded ...Lol..
None of the above. A huge flea market drew hundreds.. Gigantic Nautical Flea Marketcars parked for miles, eager beaver shoppers walking or being shuttled to and fro. Why dresses are nautical? You tell me.
But one could find boats/yachts at bargain prices $ 24,995... maybe sonar, radar, loran equipment? Anchors, Oars?
Who knows, we did NOT stop.

The historic Flagler Railroad
Photo fkoht.net
Finally faster traffic resumed and we headed for the 2 7-mile bridges and Flagler's rusty railroad trestles (as seen in the old photo above) which the Labor Day Hurricane of '35 ruined. No more railroad to Key West, and Havana.The old highway (build partially on the Flagler bridge-a true engineering feat for that time and even now) was shuttered as the NEW  US 1 opened in the 70's.
Side by side old and new US 1:seven Mile Bridge
And finally on to the monument honoring the many victims of that lethal hurricane 1935 Labor Day hurricanephoto by wikipedia
And since a trip to the Keys is not complete with a stop to browse at the Pink Junktique- we did that, too. And found an unusual pin.... maybe from the thirties? Well, whatever.. it is a rare thing, I believe, and rather funky. Otherwise, the owner/saleslady seemed happy to see us rummage around AND buy a few things, and started to talk about books. Her preference the middle ages and other historic eras.
And seemed stunned by the ignorance of the younger generation in history. I quote her anecdote: 'A browser in her 40's perhaps, overheard her talking with other customer about the Korean War (the 50's one) and WW 1, too, and exclaimed' : " Oh I didn't know we are at war with Korea"
Ahem....nuf said.
Back -tired and sated- in a much cooler and windier, drearily overcast Ft.Lauderdale for one more NHL game tonightMontreal Canadiens vs.
"Cats vs Habs"- for chers readers not of the Hockey persuasion.."The Florida Panthers vs the Montreal Canadiens". Then back to Houston where we can celebrate the latest win by the
Aeros vs The Texas Stars last nightHouston Aeros vs. Texas StarsPhoto courtesy of artshound.com,
with Hackett in the net and Nolan as bug.
Kuemper must be resting up for when Hackett gets called up, pending the Harding trade which seems eminent.
Also it looks like most of the called up Aeros will be returning to the fold.
Will that mean now the chances of a play off spot are  truly increasing?
We'll just have to wait and see.

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