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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drama in dreams, old wives tales and so...

Dreaming about ice has been suggested to infer some emotional or denied psychological problems. It has been interpreted as fear of death or impotence...hm.. wouldn't Viagra help ;-)? "Sitting on ice in a dream"is thought to be associated with a life of prosperity, a sign of the contrary...down but really UP? Now I do wonder what Climie may have thought of that?
So do you believe in lucky numbers" ?
I am reminded of the 'Tre Carti' in the Opera "Queen of Spades" being thought to make the person who knows them rich?
Or the number 666? Really so devilish?
And how about 13? If it really means bad luck, why do not skip it altogether? Although some hotels actually do it. And why is Friday, the 13th considered bad luck? Because Friday is the only weekday named after a woman? The Goddess Freya in Norse myth.
Hockey players are supposed to be so superstitions, and yet, many jerseys carry the the number 13, Carcillo of the Flyers for instance.
Do bad things happen BECAUSE of a primeval fear.
Does rubbing the hare's foot really help? Or crossing your fingers?
What about the Number 7? Is it really that lucky? If so, why then "break a mirror and 7 days of bad luck will follow"?
In Japan the number 7 is considered very lucky, so lucky (hmm, sexual connotations there?) that they print 777 in their urinals!
Ah, well just some musings to pass the time, till the next game or opera ;-)!

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