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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The ART of Storytelling

Charles Marion Russell, born in St. Louis, MO, headed to Montana as a 16 year old and never really left!
His paintings show a luminosity and clarity! In bright and yet muted colors they tell the stories of the West, of Cowboys, of Indians, even the harsh winters of dead cattle. His small sculptures capture horse and man in motion!
Show is on at the MFAH till August and well worth a visit!

Want to be entertained and educated? Go to a storyteller.

Last evening BetterHalf and I went early to grab seats for the "LECTURE" at the MFAH.. on Western cowboy painter Charles M . Russell. Prepared for a dry however much informative 'lecture' we settled down and watched as the hall filled to the brim, people lining the halls like wallflowers just to be able to sit on stairs. And many latecomers had to be turned away... lesson: get there early, very early!
So Dr. Raphael Cristy, a notable historian of the Univ. of NM, and author of Charles M. Russell: The Storyteller's Art, moseyed out onto the stage, dressed as a cowboy, and began.
He used the actual jottings of Charles Russell as the base for his one-man show, complete with various stage props, sash, hats, and more, to make Russell's own humorous writings come alive vividly.
Crustily he told of mountainmen, Cowboys around a fire telling tall tales, Russell as ineffective sheepherder, better nightrider, painter, sculptor, illustrator, humorous writer, and world traveller!
Whose works, under the guidance of his much younger wife Nancy, nee Cooper, made him and his ART famous and can be found in musea everywhere!
We were drawn into the tales, chuckled, giggled and roared aloud to the wry wit of Russell so vividly portrayed by Dr. Cristy whose own histrionic talents as a storyteller were much in evidence. A well spent evening, entertaining and informative as well.
And to cap an evening of fun and joy ;-)..
Philadelphia Flyers won vs Blackhawks.
It was (end of period 2 and all of 3) a cliffhanger.
The Flyers seemed securely ahead by 3, but Blackhawks came back powerfully in the Third,
and the game ended, 5-3 for the Flyers, only 2 goals ahead, one of which was an empty netter!

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