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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pianos on the loose..in NY City!

All those purple dots show all locations of pianos on and in the streets of New York , painted and tuned, they really are for YOUR playing pleasure, until July 5th. The idea "Play me, I am yours" by an English artist Luke Jerram. If YOU are a piano Wunderkind the sounds may even be a pleasure for passersby!

Not that this idea is so totally new, there was this (see clip) in Lancaster, PA. and so it goes.
Good ideas do come to many at different times ;-)!

On the Hockey front-
would ya believe some NHL schedules are already out..now we all can plan our trips to see hockey (and opera, in our case ;-).
In Dallas, the Stars play on Friday Nov 5. and Dallas Opera presents "Donizetti's Maria Stuarda"on Nov. 6!
NY Rangers' schedule is also set..unfortunately, those pianos will NOT be around then ...
The Tampa Bay Lightening has its schedule out as well.. and I am sure others will too.
Now we only need the Aeros/Rampage/Texas Stars schedules!
Hockey fans are ready, again, to love/hate, admire/dislike, etc. our teams ;-)!
And the Atlanta Thrashers are now the proud 'owners' of one
Byfuglien, Dustintraded off by The Blackhawks: "Thanks Buff, for your help in the play offs-t'was nice knowing you"!


Anonymous said...

I understand that after the piano project is over, the pianos will be donated to schools--so the benefits will continue. --Mary

artandhockey said...

Yes, BUT how will they sound after exposure to the elemenst? On the other hand even acreaky piano is better than none?