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Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh no, let me get away...

Last night I watched- well really just listened to, a DVD made in 1981 in Stuttgart of Der Freischuetz by Carl Maria von Weber, below an excerpt which I found rather laughable
it was sung reasonably well, but the staging and special effects appeared ludicrous me, the directions to the singers were so bad it was rather funny, alas.

And so went snooping on YouTube today to find 'opera funnies', not just staging, but maybe singing and encountered this
and then there is this
just to give a comparison, where I feel even a non opera lover can hear the difference. Although the recording has been made several years ago, while the Met's was made just last fall and with much better audio/video equipment. Either singer sings one of the most fearsome arias in a language not native to her.
Enjoy or not, :-D!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the Freischuetz with the rabbit! some days it just doesn't pay to be a supernumerary. :)