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Thursday, June 24, 2010

San Francisco snuggling up to Los Angeles?

Well, not for quite a while, although following the recent Easter earthquake in Baja California, scientists conclude from space photos that California cities are on the move as one can see on Nasa's site. This is for you, the scientist ;-)!
The rest of us make do with photos.
It's not the first time earth's movement has been detected.

Strange things DO happen when Mother Nature shrugs. Strange things do happen when she weeps,

or exhalesand things fly.
Mother Nature enraged is a terrifying experience, for sure.
As with the terrible 1906 San Francisco quake, which famed Italian Tenor
Enrico Caruso survived to tell about:

And Caruso as Pagliacco, the love sick, jealousy crazed clown.
"Ridi Pagliacco"-"Laugh Clown"

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