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Saturday, June 26, 2010


the source of all life!
And of leisurely fun, too!
Bonita Springs Resort, FL.
Having lived for JUST a couple of hours without it, made me truly realize how much we depend on it and how much (maybe) we appreciate having it gush or trickle as the case may be, by simply turning a knob or lever. And it comes forth clear and clean. At least, we think so since we can't see the microscopic floating things:-)! Yes, we are spoiled.
We are taking it too much for granted.
Elsewhere people have to dig for it, winch it up in buckets, haul it on their heads.
Move to where water is found, for livestock, and farming. Water - so precious, so much revered.
(photo of Colorado River near Bastrop, TX) at flood in 2001
And there can be too much water and yet NOT drop to drink!
After floods as most of us humans have experienced...then (Allison) right here,
now in Europe and elsewhere.
And yet, I remember, fondly, dipping up water without fear from 'gurgling' brooks in the Vienna Woods or elsewhere in the Austrian Alps when hiking on weekends.
Wherever and whenever we meet up with water..
it has the power to soothe, refresh, nourish body and soul.
Chimayo Mission in NM built near a small rivulet.
The monks giving thanks to this gift in the high desert!


BobbyR said...

Water in the high desert.





artandhockey said...

Thank you Bobby R for sharing the impressive photo - taken on your hiking trips, I assume. Yes..looking at water can be so restful.