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Friday, June 25, 2010

Whose eyes have it?

Which are which?
Some eyes belong to women and some to men.
And what can you, want to, have to read into them?
The promise of more to come?
The lure of heavenly delights?
I am foolishly, perhaps, reminded that we seem to fall in love with an uniform.
Any kind of uniform.
How dashing do men and women in uniform appear to some!
How a rakishly set cap draws our attention.
And how much does it hide?
When it comes to goalies we are entranced (some of us more than others ;-)
because we do not see much and so image lots...
other than the 'physical prowess' in stopping the puck LOL.
As, IMO, is the case with veils, burquas and Carnivale Masks.
Hidden behind a mask, give us license to live dangerously ;-) ...
shed our normal (?) behaviour and frolic or more with abandon!
Caps and masks do force us to imagine.
And - I feel that very strongly - that's the most exciting -
making up of stories of what lies behind the mask!
Let wishes fly, let desires roam, let's peak....

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