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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Defy, Deny or Admit?

So, what do you do? When it comes to age?
Deny = lie about it?
Defy = make some cosmetic surgeon richer ?
Admit it = be content as possible with it?
Recently, I have noticed that several of our 'older' friends seem to be prouder of being what - 70 and counting! Ready to join the 100 club?
Is this the magic number, when we admit to our real age. And not try to hide behind lifts of body parts (all starting with B...;) . Decreasing or augmenting?
Seems to me, that you can have everything lifted, augmented or decreased BUT your hands.
They will show the real YOU!
Unless you wear gloves! Or hide in muffs!


Anonymous said...

What brought that on?

artandhockey said...

The blue veins (no blue blood, really even if it do seem like it, there) just that gnarled, corded look ;-)!