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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Smiling is healthy, as is Olive Oil and Wine.


We have all heard that old adage "An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away", haven't we?

Now comes new (?) research in today's WSJ  which gives a new spin to that. So let us all smile for what's it worth ... and live longer and less stressful. "A Smile (big one, please) a Day keeps Stress at Bay"! Thank goodness for the Smiley collections which offer just the right one for any occasion :-D!
For Opera Lovers..the perfect smiley, no?
If only it were THAT simple, right?
And in another section of that wise paper, we learn that a Mediterranean diet is preferable to others.
A bit of olive oil and wine will keep you going for a long time, yeah
DUH. The people living around the Mediterranean sea have known that for centuries. Big Smile!

"Wasser ist zum Waschen da, auch zum Zaehneputzen" rhymes (sort of) an old (?) Viennese songlet. It means water for washing and brushing teeth, roughly. Smile!

Is there something in the Viennese air that disdains water?
Or loves it, like in "Das Suesse Waeschermaedel"(sweet laundress) long beloved subjects for amatory diversions and pursuits by the so-called Noble Classes, but ONLY as long as they were young Maedel, of course.
More smiles, please.

Vineyard near Carnuntum, Austria
Now we know that even the Romans preferred wine over (albeit mixed with) water. Emperor Rochus is credited with the cultivation of grapes in the Northern Regions of the Roman Empire.

Let's blame it all on the Roman invasion of the alpine countries.

After all, they brought with them circuses, good roads, hypocausts, spas, sports, and wine, plus Greek philosophy, to name a few accomplishments, to the barbarian North. Unfortunately, some of those achievements were lost for quiet a while.. hypocausts for instance... built in floor warming ducts! 

In Eastern Tirol, people for a long time thought that the
inhabitants of excavated Roman ruins must have been dwarfs. They just did not know about hypocausts :-)! If they had, living in the cold climes of the Alps would have been more comfortable during the centuries past until the invention of central heating, right? :-D!

Which are more causes to grin hugely, right? 
And if you love hockey you'll love this
Hockey Player Smiley ;-)?

So now that you have done the RIGHT thing for your health
reduced your stress, You are ready to go!
Have Great day!

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Erika said...

And there is a German student song entitled Seven Reasons for Drinking. The 7th reason: fear of future thirst (Angst vor kuenftigem Verschmachten)! I drink to that.