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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Was it a wake up call for Hackett-

Crashing into Kuemps
While Kuemper got his last minute call up to the Wild playing in Vancouver?

It sure looked like it.
Hackett after the puck-2013
Hackett (the Nr 1 *) in net versus Texas Stars stopped 36 of 37 shots on goal to allow Aeros a Shoot Out win 2-1. Aeros scored just once in regulation, by McMillan in the  2nd. despite only getting 5/4/5 shots on net during regulation with 2 in OT. SO  scorers were Phillips, Larsson (the Nr. 3 *)(I like that kid!) and Fontaine.
Now Houston, with 50 games played, sits in 3rd place after Stars and Checkers with 49 games each!

Kuemps making his NHL debut vs the perennial-or so it seems-winning Canucks (against the Wild) nevertheless acquitted himself honorably with stopping 28 of 30 Shots (a 0.933%).
Alertly watching Kuemper-2013
Luongo, yes, the veteran,stopped 25 of 26 (at .962%)  and so allowed the 2-1 win by Vancouver. Earning his, not exactly inconsiderable, salary of 5. 35 Mill per annum (signed to a 12 year contract at 64 Mill)
In other Aeros/Wild Hockey news:

Scandella sent back to Houston,

Kassian on waivers, if not taken, he too will be in Houston at an adjusted NHL salary.
No news re renewal of TC lease!


artandhockey said...

That is an honorable gesture by the champ to the younger contender getting his NHL baptism. Bravo for Luogon and Bravo for Kuemps!
Very similar to a First class Matador wishing a newcomer Buena Suerte on his 'alternativa.. which means that the 2 switch places in the hierarchy of the corrida.

artandhockey said...

My comment was in response to a posting by ICEVET mentioning the gesture by Luongo skating up to Kuemps to wish him luck on his first NHL appearance before the game started.
Which (the comment by ICEVET), for whatever reason, vanished into cyberspace from this site!

artandhockey said...

The comment was found: here is a copy.

he Sunshine Kid clearly demonstrated that he has the temperament, character, and talent to compete at the NHL level, at this early stage of his career.

The pre-game gesture by the iconic Roberto Luongo in wishing Kuemper "good luck" was not only a class act by Luongo but also indicated a growing awareness by the "hockey world" of Kuemper's having earned the right to play in the NHL.

The Best Of Success to Darcy Kuemper for all the GOOD that he brings to the great game of HOCKEY.