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Saturday, February 23, 2013


In advance of tonight's Aeros vs OKC game erupts.
Will he or will he not, revert to Wundergoalie status?
I am talking about Matt H, the established netminder for the Aeros. Who, as some will recall was touted as the coming Miracle goalie when he first played for the Aeros way back when - wait it was only a few years ago - with win after win.
Well, time will tell. Chers readers come visit this blog tomorrow morning for the latest!

Meanwhile I have been chuckling - a  lot - whilst reading this.
Especially the 1000s comments following. Some amusing, some realistic, some are - well - dreamlike and/or nightmarish, even!
Now, my dream retirement would be 6 mos in a climate that is balmy and warm in the winter, like the Keys, maybe- below.

And then transfer to a climate that is very warm but not humid in the summer. Like New Mexico- photo left.
But where Medicare (as long as it IS available) is readily available :-). And VA medical care as well, for Better Half. Where the stores do not close early, or at all on weekends. Where people still help sack and load groceries, where attendants welcome me with a smile and a 'How are YOU?' 'Did you find all you needed?' and wish me 'Have a nice ... whatever!'

'The perfect heavens on Earth', right? LOL!

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