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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dream .. and musing thereon!

Waking from a rather pleasant dream this morning I find I need to muse on dreaming. How dreaming changed as time matches on - maybe to the tune of  this Triumphal March from Verdi's AIDA (it IS a Verdi Year after all)


In my 'salad days of yore' dreams were full of optimistic things.
The next adventure, dancing all night, doing this, and doing that, achieving goals of stratospheric highs, perfect love, foreign travel, at times daring and maybe dangerous, reading as many books as possible in a week, having fun, experiencing things normal and crazy, nice and weird, (lol), feeling on top of the world-invincible, optimistic, devil may care.
There were dreams at night, dreams during the day - while riding the trams of Vienna....
Everything IS so unique, when young, isn't it?
I am I and so be it!

With age comes wisdom or so they say!
 Well chers readers, I can assure you it does not come easily.

Broken Bridge by Dali
My dreams are still as described above, with a few nightmares thrown in to cast a pall on happy anticipation.

I still dream  of adventures (albeit in more comfort than then ;-) if at all, and,  at least 4 * plus, accommodations are a must! Backpacking and hitchhiking... are just not on any more :-)! Sleeping on the ground - well... the less said the better :-)
Reading as many books as I can, maybe one/two a day IF eyes  hold!

Dancing, alas, stays a dream unless in the pool, then, yes, I am dancing still ;-).
                                         water sprites move over - hippo is on the move! :-).

Stratospheric goals - nowadays mean getting out of bed without 'charley horses'.
Or walking 10 blocks IF knees and back allow!

Doing, and wishing for, this and that oh yes, lost of wishing and wanting!
Mind and brain are as active I feel - churning and turning. Sprouting ideas like weeds - wild and daring ;-)! Too daring, you say? Not proper for old ladies?
Fie on you! Let me have my dreams and wants and wishes and hopes.
Oh yes, that never stops!  I need the alchemist with the right potion?
Don't care about gold, give me, again, agility. And let me keep mental clarity for as long as possible.

Foreign Travel...means going to another state in these extensive, and still largely uncharted by me, U S of A ;-).. mostly.  But a last trip 'home' is no longer just a dream.. it soon will be reality!
View of  my corner of Vienna with the church - Rudolfsheimer Kirche - (at far right in photo- sited across from my house) seen from the Gloriette at Schonbrunn Castle
More short naps are needed and so fertile grounds for daydreams :-)!
And those are dillies in the meaning of, things that are remarkable - not as in slang for Dilaudid (I am old fashioned-the current IN thing seems to be Oxycontin), or money, bones, dollars - although we all could use more of those ($) I'm sure...LOL.

As for my perfect love-well, now that I indeed have found, almost 45 years ago!  These two quotes say it well!

"If you love someone, let them go. If they return to you, it was meant to be. If they don't, their love was never yours to begin with..."

"Love is hard work; and hard work sometimes hurts!"

I am still I, and so be it - for some time yet! Amen!

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