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Saturday, February 23, 2013


You did good Matt!

Knight of the Night Matt Hackett lol.
The crowd of almost 13,000 was loud and boisterous. Perhaps that inspired the team. This was the night of redemption for Matt Hackett, who saved shot after shot by glove, pads to the tune of 36, playing like he used to way back when I dubbed Wundergoalie!
BUG Nr,2 Cody Reichard

The only goal for OKC was, naturally scored by that pesky guy, Arcobello with Mancinin  and Clark. And it just slid like a butter pat between his legs into the net, IMO he could do nothing to stop that. And that time the defense was not even close.
Kampfer's Goal
DaSilva Goal: OMG that went in and out so quickly :-D
But they learned and closed ranks the rest of the game:
We have your back, Matt..Genoway and Kassian seem to say
The BIG surprise came from a Newby named Dan DaSilva (Nr. 2 *) who got the first goal with Kampfer and Rau.

The second and game winner by Kampfer with DaSilva and Rau netted Kampfer the Nr, 1 *

Phillips and Danis whispering sweet nothings, maybe?

Medved beleaguered
The game was quite exciting. Both teams battled valiantly, neither could capitalize on 2 powerplays - Aeros, 4 Powerplays - OKC.

At left: Arcobello in place as ususal.. but this time NO go ;-)
Much honking on the way out. Celebration...win!

And so Good Night, all.


ICEVET said...

Matt Hackett's BEST game, in this Fan's opinion, since the 2011 Calder Finals. Except for the recent collapse at Hamilton, he has looked much like his former (2011) self over the past 6 games. Consistency has always been his biggest problem...so we'll see what happens in March.

The biggest surprise of the evening was Ontario Reign PTO-Dan DaSilva, who nearly got a second goal during the Second period. Potentially, he could be a great find for the Aeros, much like Matt Beaudoin was during the 2008-9 Calder season.

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

So you saw the possible talent in DaSilva, too? Agree he ought to be kept. And how about Kampfer? He's doing better after a very slow satrt?