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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two Teams win/loose by One-Updated with photos

McArdle covering Markstrom

Ortmeyer in Place- alas no goal.

 Markstrom Nr. 1 *
Last night on Pink Ice the Rampage won, barely, over the Rockford Icehogs by ONE goal. Markstrom stopped a barrage of 30 shots by the furiously attacking Icehogs who IMO out skated the Rampage who managed 19 shots, including the winner by McFarland ;-)!

McFarland goal in 3.
McFarland somersaulting...
In the First period the rookie John McFarland tried it on...
taking a somersault over the net of 6'6 Karlssen ;-D.
Later in the third he did make it!
Rampage 1 - Icehogs 0.

 SURPRISE... Jed Ortmeyer skated as Number 4 for the Rampage. They signed him to an AHL contract the day before. To provide some veteran influence, we were told. Ortmeyer played only 2 games with the Missouri Mavericks (CHL) before being signed by the Rampage, which should feel like home to him - after all he played 20 games in 2010-11 season and had 3 points, before being signed by the Wild/Aeros.. and we all remember THAT!

Which pleased Better Half no end, I can tell you.

Beaudoin putting on speed

Beaudoin Chasing after Puck

And for me.... you can imagine my delight to see former "Soft Spot" aka Mathieu Beaudoin skating as Nr 22 for the Icehogs. Naturally I snapped a few pictures-for better or worse. :-)!
Matt, just was traded by Hershey/Capitals, after having played 32 games with 10 points and  plus-six efficiency rating, to the Blackhawks/Icehogs in exchange for Peter LeBlanc. You may recall that this was a 2nd stint with Hershey for Beaudoin (7 games in 2008/09).

Plus the chances for some heavy shopping at the San Marcos outlets!
Done... mostly for Better Half.
This time :-)!
Pink Ice

Tee shirt toss - pink version

Rampage Team Entry
Fan Goes Pink
More on the game after returning and uploading my photos of this "monumental" -for us fans of Matt and Jed  ;-)!  - event. NOW done!

And here are a few photos ..
in pink.  The sold out ATT center with a  record crowd of 16,300, including yours truly and Better Half :-)! was ready for action with bands, music, and "Let's Go Rampage" being screamed constantly right next to my ears by a sweet dainty little girl - what a fan! (She never stopped... amazing what lung power a 10 yr old has!)

On the other hand, the Houston Aeros with Kuemper in goal lost by One to the Stars

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