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Monday, February 11, 2013

Late but very enthusiastic

And so I am.
My take on Opera in the Heights' MACBETH!
Yes, Houston readers of this blog who are opera lovers as well, most likely will have seen it before and/or read the raving reviews. I do try hard to refrain from reading reviews, although I could not miss hearing things like "a must see" etc. but tried to shut out anything more, so I can report, as unbiased as possible, what I felt,and heard, and saw.

Which Better Half and I did Sunday afternoon to a sold out house at Opera in the Heights.
Saw is perhaps the wrong word.. most definitely HEARD wondrous music.
I really think MACBETH is my fave Verdi, right next to Trovatore and Othello! Maybe because all 3 are dramas dealing with human frailty and  'bad vibes" :-)  sort of "drammas horribiles" ;-)!


The voices of the 4 major singers, and the huge chorus (how did they all fit on that postage sized stage even if not crowded with props?) were so strong I am still amazed the roof didn 't fly off the rafters. Maybe a sign of the sturdiness of this historic church building on Heights Boulevard at 17th... they did build well in the 20's, didn't they?

Joke aside, the production set in a gangland   (NOT like this  PSY-gangman)

style was effective, IMO, the music and the singers were so overwhelming, one tended to overlook the iconoclastic sight of gangsta attire and machine guns (no protest forthcoming, methinks, but then we are in Texas!) in Birnam Woods and the Highlands of Scotland. Not a single Tartan in sight!

But no matter.

Andrew Cummings, (he will sing Kurwenal in Bogota, then return to OH! in La Traviata),
baritone with Wagnerian lungs, portrayed the ambitious and murderous (spurred on by his wife) Thane of Cawdor with raw vocal power,
ably matched in volume. albeit with much more vocal flexibility,
by soprano Emily Newton as his scheming and, finally, guilt ridden wife. Newton, sang with force when needed, but floated exquisite piano notes, where proper, without batting a lash!

BTW those of my chers readers in Germany should look her up at the Dortmund opera, where she will sing the title role in ANNA NICOLE (premiered by Westbrook) alas, those dates are not compatible with my European trip, since I shall be at Salzburg, Vienna (VOP and Staatsoper), and 5.17 Berlin at Komische Oper as a - hopefully - spell bound audience  member ;-)! And on the high seas on May 27! Otherwise... you better believe me.... I WOULD be there!
 Anna Nicole by Mark-Anthony Turnage
April 27 & May 2, 5, 10, 17 & 29 2013
Dortmund, Germany

Aaron Sorenson,dmmo debut recently the tenderland madison opera gianni schicchi la ... the Banco,  produced an amazingly rich bass sound from a very slender body, whose Banco reminded me of Che Guevarra.

Cameron Schutza, tenor, sang Macduff's beautiful aria with ringing sound and garnered much applause. Here Filianoti with this aria from Salzburg

OH chorus master Fuller schooled and managed the large chorus to huge success. Better Half opined that this was - in his mind - the best chorus yet seem/heard at OH in years!
Witches - photo thanks to Gwen Turner Juarez
The orchestra followed Maestro Carreon-Robledo's guidance with intensity and virtuosity.


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Hmmmm... Colored hair is chic?http://movies.yahoo.com/photos/bafta-arrivals-1360531993-slideshow/

artandhockey said...

I saw that too, and it hit me like it did you, anon! ;-)!