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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Little Gilbert and Sullivan, please

for this afternoon divertisement was just what the doctor ordered.
We went to the old courthouse to experience "Trial by Jury"!

What a nifty idea to present this short (all of 45 minutes or so) comedy/parody by Gilbert and Sullivan there!

In modern dress and with a modern, nay Texan, adaptation by Mena Mark Hanna. Alliterations to local law firms and even Halliburton were bandied about ;-).
This venerable First Court of Appeals at the 1910 Harris County Courthouse provided the apt stage for opera and Gilbert and Sullivan lovers alike.

The beautifully restored building boasts a skylight of delicateness and sweeping staircases with marble banisters.

The First Court of Appeals rang with the marvelous amusing sounds of Gilbert and Sullivan, produced by Cello and Oboe of the HGO Orchestra under Craig Kier.

Resonant sound issued forth from the imposing person of Harrison Gerald Moore as Usher (I'd called him the bailiff) realistically clad in police blues and black.
Hector Vasquez09AUG02-DD-HO --- Cynthia Clayton as Susannah with Hector Vasquez ... (here with Cynthia Clayton) sang and acted the bumbling, imbibing and love struck Judge with his inimitable panache;
Kevin Ray, the defendant used his strong tenor well, while
Andrea Carroll - a petite brunette sang her role as the Plaintiff with a rich soprano sound and emoted with comic fervor.
Samuel Schultz made a slick-looking (on purpose you think-naw) Counsel for the Plaintiff with a truly fine baritone.
The chorus men and women of the Jury added realistic touches... teehee! And to be sure that all in attendance in First floor and in Balcony pews saw everything the overhead screen was turned on as well! Jumbotron it was not, like the one at the TC where Basketball fans congregated in droves.

But let me just say this, I am sure glad it was ONLY 45 minutes. For any performances in this - admittedly - rather interesting and unusual venue I recommend bringing along upholstered stadium seats ;-) or at least plush pillows!

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