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Thursday, February 21, 2013


An interesting thing happened on the way to buying opera tickets in Europe ;-).

Step 1: 3 months prior to the actual performance of Le Danse Macabre (Ligeti) in Berlin, I went on line and bought two tickets just where I wanted them and had my e -tickets in hand within minutes! YESSS.

Step 2: For Staatsoper and Volksoper in Vienna  I was placed on a stand by wait list.
The Staatsopertickets were charged immediately, assigned within 48 hrs, but must be picked up locally!
The Volksoper tickets are still wait listed although charged to card already. I sure hope to know that we actually have them waiting for personal pick up when we arrive over there, BEFORE we leave here. As we will be without computer/laptops during traveling, a hard decision to make but we made it!  If I get computer withdrawal symptoms... I guess I can hunker down with relatives and use theirs ... IF they let me ;-)! Also the 2 hotels in  Milan and Hamburg (Hyatt) do have internet access for all guests!  Facebook and artandhockey readers will just have to practise their patience and wait for my return in June ;-)!

Step 3: The Oberto tickets at La Scala went on sale on a certain date, and when I checked I found just 278 still available. Of course I did not get up at 3 AM to be first in line (lol) but the process of purchase went smoothly and tickets are being mailed to us here. Not as fast and efficient as Berlin, but acceptable.

Now I do question why it is that the Vienna companies are so, ahem, behind the times?
Why not issue e-tickets or at least mail the paper tickets once they have been charged to my credit card? If a small Berlin Company can do the e-tickets, and a big Milan company can do an actual mailing? Ah, well really, I ought to have remembered that Viennese/Austrian "Kollege kommt gleich"(similar to "next window please") mentality.

But after 'mumble' years in the USA and, yes, even as I am as antediluvian as any when it comes to the web, clouds or whatever one wants to label it, yes, even then, I am a bit surprised with this dilatory offering by world class (or so they pride themselves) opera companies. Especially when all my relatives and friends bemoan the fact that much is only do-able via computer (i.e. get postage stamps... no longer to can be bought at Traffiken and post office closures right and left!) and much depends on Bancomaten! So there!

Never mind, I have most tickets in hand or promised for pick-up.
The trip is shaping up nicely. Both ships booked and paid,
Eurailpasses and seat reservations done - with only 2 more to do as soon as sale thereof opens up - mid March.
All excursions booked, and vouchers in hand.
Port and train station pick ups scheduled and vouchers in hand.
All apartments and hotel roomsMilan
(2 cities) booked and reservations confirmed by email.

Now to studying the MOBAL phones we bought to be used only over there and on any further trips away fro the good old USA ;-). And that, chers readers will take some time, technologically challenged as I am. Better Half with his mathematical brain may do a lot better, methinks ;-)!
                                                   And so high ho to sea we go, soon!

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Have a great trip.