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Friday, March 1, 2013

Lament on Bias Overload in Media

Dali's Vision of the world
Reading between and within the lines of the media, as it concerns politics, sports, economy, the arts  and international events I am struck by the many biases broadcast - on purpose?

Read certain papers, listen to certain channels and you get the feeling everyone and everything is disastrous on the 'other side'.
Now go to the 'other sides' channels and media and ..bingo... the same drivel is being broadcast.

Why does it remind me of  journalism of the past - distant and not so distant - when 'the state' prescribed what was to be printed, especially when the media was given free rein to blacken and distort everything else?
Have we not learned anything from that? Why does it strike me as so much copycat reporting?

Botticelli's Abyss of Hell
I have often lamented the lack of  knowledge of history in this blog, and freely face to face..
I have shuddered at the short attention span shown by a generation, or even less than one generation, which makes it so susceptible to 'brainwashing' in whatever form it takes.
And there are many, disguised as 'warnings', 'need to inform the plebs', etc.
I have been truly revolted by the hatred sprouting from one side for the other, regardless which.
The plethora of misrepresentation of events, passing the blame in a - oh, not I - manner, is  frightening-at least to me. As it should be to all.

And the list goes on.

Sometimes I despair due to a feeling that another war/revolt(s) is (are) inevitable given the current conditions everywhere in the world. As if Mother Nature isn't generous enough throwing us into disarray by earthquakes, Tsunamis, eruptions and big meteors barely passing us by.

Now we are being bombarded by 'cataclysmic' predictions.

Hell...was and is everywhere:

Temple in Luang Prabang

kocha trichophylla =Burning Bush

Indian View of Heaven and Hell
 I'd rather be bombarded by high Cs and Ds  - ....:-) enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Your opinions are some different but you make me think and look at things in a new way.

artandhockey said...

Anon. thank you for your comment. I am not always trying to please, but if you can feel inspired by my ramblings, so be it! At least I feel it worth while doing.