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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Satire est mort?!Vive Satire?

I have been reading comments after several articles,
not having much else to do...;-)!
Those of the political, and those of the non-political sort.
And guess what? :-)!
Anyone who writes a satirical response is being hounded...
because, so it appears, readers have lost the ability to see and accept satire.
Dear readers do not, repeat, do not take it for gospel! 

Expecting wholesome satire on what's happening out there in the world?
You've got to look!
Keep looking!
And looking!
Because, it seems, satire is unwanted -
it's just so NON PC.

Oh, for the days of yore:
For people like
(Historians would rise up in arms)
(his version of PC?)

that song would surely rile up caring PETAs :-)!

(this probably is unacceptionable :-) by  bleeding hearts)
and others of their witty ilk.
And then there is - or was - the vaunted black British Humor
as perhaps this

Someone (who was it? -  the name escapes me) once said that satire flourishes best underground in time of tyranny.
So I say, let us do satire as it was before  PC tyranny!
Go on...laugh a bit or a lot!
It'll make you feel MUCH better!


Anonymous said...

seem to recall a post in a similar vein some years ago? Never mind, it is always good to laugh!

artandhockey said...

You are right anon.. so I did.
But then it IS a favorite beef of mine, that we no longer seem to accept humor as is!
But have to fear 'big brother'!