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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In the twilight zone of Before Hockey and Opera

I really do not like this time of year, very much at all.
Except, of course, for the build-up of anticipation.

Yes, waiting for hockey (at any level) and operas, too, to start is not unlike the feverish anticipation I get when planning a trip.

A Fahrt ins Blaue (no stated goal) or a detailed trip where everything is just SO.
If one likes brawls, that is...
Yes, that is the time, when one cannot really sleep because one's mind is so full of images (:-) like the ones here:

Or full of sounds like Samuel Ramey's version of a song soon to be heard resonantly (we hope) at HGO.

I know, I know some out there would want to have me also throw in the  coming elections, but as I posted before that brouhaha is, alas, less filled with anticipation, but more with annihilation. And so I will not give it much more than these few words.

And then there are those travel plans...
details, savoring possible sights along rivers,
in my case, the joys of reunions with friends and kin
OVER there and so much more:

And that brings me to another subject-yes, indeed!
And that is flying!
I agree, it is the  quickest way to anywhere.
Even with the numerous delays at airports due to the stripping of all metals (lol) to avoid pings. But, alas, THAT has not precluded my being padded down on every trip, on the back-to-Houston leg, we took in the last few years!
Guess I must I look that dangerous? :-)!

It is, however, most uncomfortable as most joints creak in unison after prolonged periods of inactivity. Sure, one can get up to stretch, or one ought to...
But that does impede the constant stream by others to the WC!
And by the crew to serve more liquids to increase said WC traffic :-)!

2 hours in a sardine tin of a plane is just barely bearable.
When one does not count hours spent in airports which, and that IS a beef- have too few seats- or so it seems to me! There are always so many crouched on the floors!

But those long overseas flights...already my wish dreams are turning to nightmares. This time I will try THE new AUA business class on one journey leg,

Greenhouse Spa - hot, bubbly, relaxing
the other will be taken in luxurious  (;-)! style on a ship.

With my luck, I'll have the worst stormy passage. Just kidding! I do hope, NOT!

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Herzensostereicher said...

Trips ahead... good.
Hope you will post frequently.