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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ads Ads who wants another Ad?

Hear this and sorrow. It will only be a little while before all sports go this route.
Like in Europe.

Jerseys will be so patched up with company logos players names, team name and players numbers will undecipherable... and referees will have great excuses to not to call penalties because they won't be able to decipher number or name.
Too droll wouldn't it be?

But on the other hand, let me posit this:
if owners and players share in advertising revenues why not fans who buy such jerseys?

Just think:
you buy a jersey which carries ads for, say. XX companies.

Companies which pay royalties to teams, owners and players for the privilege to spout their name as walking, skating, running, biking etc. ads.
Well, isn't it all about revenue sharing the NHL players are striking right now... to get a bigger slice of the $$$$$ pie? Isn't it?

Then, you buy one with the number of your favorite player,
you fill out proper ownership papers, then you hope that the team forwards this information to the companies; and the companies - in honoring their commitment to pay for these ads will send you a royalty check for every time you wear that jersey and thus advertise that company.
Sounds a winner, eh? Dream on!

But really you, the new wearer and walking advertiser for company X, ought to be entitled to get your $$ slice of that $$$$$ pie?

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