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Friday, October 5, 2012

Let the real life begin...

Now that one debate is securely (or maybe not?) behind us, teleprompters or not, I can concentrate all efforts on what really counts:
Hockey and Opera!
So, the home team of AEROS did not quite made as good an impression as widely touted, but hey, they played away from the majority of adoring home ice fans. Can we point to all those super talents now vegetating in the AHL? Which is thanks to the infighting at the NHL level, which 'forced' many NHL'ers to sign abroad, because "I just want to play my game".
Of course we must be a bit forgiving. After all, all these supertalents expected to skate at much more exalted heights, and need some downwards adjustment to AHL.


But then some of the new crop will be reassigned to even lower levels!

Or to Florida, to the resurrected Orlando Solar Bears.

Game one on home ice Saturday October 13.
Report to follow ;-)!

And our first Opera will be on Saturday October 5th at Opera in the Heights.
Now I know this opera has had almost its full run and been critiqued. 
BUT I have not read anything - on purpose. Because, you see, I do like to make up my own mind. And will write it up, too....
Read both at your own peril ;-)!

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