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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Well, sure.

It's THAT close to Halloween
and the costumes were out at the game next to Jerseys of all sorts.

Kuemper's shut out win against the Admirals was a treat for sure.

Break it up, guys, the game's been won already
Of course the 4 goals by Coyle, Connelly, Coyle and Larsson helped.

And the penalty kill was all there during the two lonely penalties on Admirals' Bartley and Ekholm.
But so was the Admirals' through the 6 incurred by the Aeros.
Period one 2 goals, period two 0 goals, period three 2 goals.

The passing was more than passable most times, the speed was there, coordination was there.

Likes tonight other than scorers :-) ha ha ha!:
Phillips (fast, agile),
Rau, Kaempfer and Bagnall on defense;

Scandella making huge save:
Saved by Scandella

And if the scarcity of fights did not suit some fans...
 fight broken up quickly
well,  there was a brief one,          and here are some happy fans.
Happy Fight lovers

What more can a fan ask?

Of course, that THIS goal had been granted ..below
The goal that was NOT, after all
Many have same sentiments :-)
Well perhaps he/she would like to bid on this from the Historic Maple Leafs Garden auction, 
listed for $ 250, and already bid up to  $ 2550.00. 
Someones sure want this 
added to their hockey collection. 
Leafs dressing room toilet...what a rare bargain :-) ???!!. 
For more information on the historic auction 
visit www.frozenpond.com.. this item 103 above one finds on page 13 of the insert.



icevet said...

As usual funny with photos. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Coyle, Connelly, Coyne and Larsson sound liek a law firm.

artandhockey said...

@anonymous 2;; hmm, you are right,! Didn't see it when posting last night.
Maybe they'll study Law after retiring from the rink???