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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aeros moving forward

You could say so, this afternoon in San Antonio, the team only lost by 1.
And both Aeros goals were scored by the new boyz on the ice.

Per Voice of the Aeros (to whom we listen faithfully when the team plays away) the first goal was by Coyle with assists by Granlund and Zucker.
Now then the second goal was by Zucker with assists by Connelly and Coyle!
Now how sweet is that! A double dose of Zucker surely qualifies for sweet!

Which just shows the new boys have the talent, despite grumblings from fans that the OLD guard should play and the NEW boyz should sit and take notes ;-).

Matt Hackett was in goal versus Markstrom for the Rampage.

BTW... former Aeros Casey Wellman, in case you are interested, got a assist.

Is the 'system' working?
Are the new boyz stepping up?
Are the old guard on guard to guide the newbies?
Only time will tell.

Meanwhile my suggestion is:
sit back, enjoy a game of hockey, watch the new boyz fly across the ice, and  keep wishing.
At least, WE have AHL to watch and entertain us.

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